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Wheel cleaning brush : How to clean vertical fabric blinds.

Wheel Cleaning Brush

wheel cleaning brush

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Hub Cleaning - Eagle One Wheel and Tire

Hub Cleaning - Eagle One Wheel and Tire

Time for wheel cleaning! Eagle One makes a foaming cleaner intended for the auto market. I've found that it works well (with nylon brush and toothbrush) for QUICKLY removing oil/grit/crud from front and rear hubs. I'm going to try this on the bike chains, too. Sure wish it could scour and polish the rims! Ha ha!

Another first

Another first

His first ride on a scooter. He loves anything with wheels that can move him around plus the fact that is Papa was helping is just icing on the cake. He also has to have something in his hands at all times which is represented here by the wheel cleaning brush. Such a cutie. -2625F

wheel cleaning brush

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