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Cleaning Old Tile

cleaning old tile

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  • a flat thin rectangular slab (as of fired clay or rubber or linoleum) used to cover surfaces

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cleaning tiles

cleaning tiles

home of the recuperators. a friend offered us enough of these old terracotta tiles to do our mezzanine. that means each one has to be soaked and scraped of its old grout and lime. all 200 of them. it's what i have been doing for days now. that is part of the bargain of building a house out of used materials, it's a dirty job sometimes. in the end it's all worth it. i traded her an egg for each tile.

My tile has a bedsore...

My tile has a bedsore...

When I opened the kiln, this is what I found. Except it had a thin glass bubble over it. So thin that when I poked my finger through, it broke apart like brittle 20 year old saran wrap. Didn't cut my finger or anything like that. It was so weird...
What happens now? I clean the mold and tile, put more glass is in, and re-fuse. Glass is infinitely re-fusible.

cleaning old tile

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