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How To Clean A Pool That Is Green

how to clean a pool that is green

    how to
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GIVING BEIJING THE GREEN FINGER - Global Times, Thursday January 7th 2010 DSC 8517

GIVING BEIJING THE GREEN FINGER - Global Times, Thursday January 7th 2010 DSC 8517

Article about "Peace Plus One" World Sustainability Project and Dragonpreneur in the Global Times of Beijing

Full size IMAGE

Text of Article:


* Source: Global Times
* [00:13 January 07 2010]

The Beijing Olympic volunteers showing the three fingered-symbol of Peace Plus One. Inset: Philip McMaster. Photos: courtesy of Philip McMaster

By Matthew Jukes
Not many people have the balls to give the finger to climate change. But all around the country, locals and expats alike have started putting up an extra finger to show their support for a livable future. With Copenhagen already fading into the ever-expanding ether, all that’s left is the common man on the street to make a difference when it comes to our increasingly toxic and unsustainable future.

Taking the universal symbol for peace and adding a finger has transformed thousands and thousands of potentially foolish holiday photos in China into a movement for change. This is the goal that Philip McMaster has set out to achieve.

He believes that only by individuals taking up a metaphorical call by themselves to change their lifestyle or their business will the true idea of sustainability be realized. “I’m not an environmentalist!” he says emphatically. “Fundamentally what we need to do is make it profitable to be sustainable.”

Now the “Sustainability symbol”, also known as Peace Plus One has expanded into social clubs, beauty pageants (keep an eye out for Miss Lohas), English and business training for anyone and everyone who wants to be cool with a purpose. The three fingers, one of many eerily occurring three’s in the McMaster philosophy, stand for society, environment and economy, which form the triple bottom line for every business responsibility.

Fingering the system

Having traveled the world as an adventurer, photographer and scholar of the great outdoors, McMaster settled in Hong Kong to teach Corporate Social Responsibility to students. It was there that he saw the many tourists and their peace pose for photographs and decided that with an extra finger, they could make a statement about global warming, climate change and the sustainable economy.

Still keeping with the teaching idea, McMaster started to create a new legion of Chinese businessmen, which he dubbed Dragonpreneurs that could “clean up” in the market and in the environment.

“There are 50 million students graduating this year, with jobs the first thing on their mind,” said McMaster. “With all these young people in their incredible numbers thinking three ways about society, the economy, and the environment, their job prospects will improve and their ambitions and characteristics will affect everyone.”

The students learn through a system which evokes the five talons of the dragon (or five belts for martial arts minded). The first lesson is in communication, which branches out to relationships (not just with people), wealth management, creativity and innovation and the black belt of leadership.

Already a pro at his own art form, McMaster’s speaking often inspires others to join the cause. When giving a speech at the Great Hall of the People, budding recruits were in the audience just waiting for a chance. “The project impressed me most by the way it influences other people. It won’t tell you something about what you can or should never do. It just gives you a chance to think on your own. It helps you to make your own decisions,” said Mike Que, a newbie to the sustainable life.

“When you do something good for mother earth or see other people do so because of your influence, it gives you a great sense of achievement. That’s what is most enjoyable.”

But rather than taking the colonial road of changing China to fit the Western schematic, Peace Plus One hopes to stick to more traditional Chinese values to get people interested. “We don’t suggest that what we’re doing is altering anything that China is trying to do. We’re just respecting and drawing out all the wonderful things and potential and making them a reality. To make individuals self sustaining. Each individual making better and better decisions about how they interact with the economy,” adds McMaster.

“You need people who are aware of how money is made. This is a balance. We have to help the Chinese entrepreneur. But there’s a challenge with the ethical entrepreneurship. The model is often from the West. The Bill Gates and Buffets are in general the images of robber baron capitalists. They see this and say we want that too and take profits over everything else. That’s how I advance. What we need is a revamping of the new and old generations to a different model.”

Improving the gene pool

One of the more relaxed parts of the Sustainability Symbol is the Peace Plus One social club, which regularly organizes gatherings and likeminded matchmaking parties. During the summer, these become rather worryingly named “improving the gene pool-parties”. Although there’

Green Tree Frog

Green Tree Frog

Twenty froggies went to school,
down beside a rushy pool,
Twenty little coats of green,
twenty vests all white and clean.
"We must be in time", said they;
"First we study, then we play;
That is how we keep the rule,
when we froggies go to school."

Master Bullfrog, grave and stern,
called the classes in their turn,
Taught them how to nobly strive;
likewise how to leap and dive;
From his seat upon a log,
showed them how to say "Kerchog!"
Also how to dodge a blow
from the sticks which bad boys throw.

Not one dunce among the lot;
not one lesson they forgot;
Polished to a high degree,
as each froggy ought to be,
Twenty froggies grew up fast,
Bullfrogs they became at last;
Now they sit on other logs,
teaching other little frogs.

how to clean a pool that is green

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